From Self-Employed to CEO: How Close Are You?

Does your business have a structure that keeps it working even when you're away? If not, no worries.  This short training video will give you everything you need to get started.

  • Learn what separates elite teams from everyone else.

    Champions don't try to do everything. They just do the most important things better than anyone else...consistently.  Your team can too!

  • Find the business model gaps that are holding you back.

    How do you create value, connect with your perfect clients, and deliver that value to them?  Do you have a system or is it different every time?

  • Make a ONE PAGE gameplan to get your business growing.

    We'll use the Business Model Canvas to break down your business and find places you can decrease costs while increasing revenue immediately.

  • Identify the work YOU must do; automate & delegate the rest.

    Every member of a business has a job description...even the CEO!  Identify the things that fit in YOUR lane and stick to those roles. 

  • Structure Your Business for Your Ideal Lifestyle.

    You started your business to create income and freedom while doing something you love!  Freedom comes from discipline...and discipline comes from structure.


    Do you work for your business or does it work for you? **FIND OUT NOW**

Champion's Mindset

Training Video

  • Gerald Jones, CPLP

    CEO, Haptic Consulting, LLC.

    Military Veteran, Champion Athlete, Performance Consultant & Small Business Architect